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Car Battery Service in Jackson, MS 

Battery Service at Mac Haik CDJR Jackson

Have you ever gotten in your vehicle and tried to start the engine, only to hear the dreaded clicking sound of a car that won't start? Unfortunately, being surprised by a dead battery is a common occurrence that many drivers deal with at some point in time. The good news is that you can lower the chances of this happening to you by staying on top of your vehicle's battery maintenance. If you'd like to schedule a battery check or replacement near Olive Branch and Hattiesburg, head on over to our service center at Mac Haik Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Jackson

Signs That You Need Battery Service

Vehicle batteries can be somewhat unpredictable, especially if they're more than a few years old. The best way to stay informed about the condition of your battery is through routine battery checks. Next time you take your vehicle in for its routine oil change or tire service, you can ask the technician to check your battery as well. This will give you a better idea of when you should replace your battery. Occasionally, you'll know that you need a new battery because of certain problems with your vehicle. So, let's go over some signs that could indicate that it's time for a new battery.

  • It has low voltage results from a voltmeter test
  • Your vehicle won't start and you hear a rapid clicking sound when you try to start it
  • The lights inside your vehicle flicker
  • Your battery can't accept the charge from a jump-start
  • Your battery continues to fail after multiple jump-starts

If you experience any of these issues, you'll want to schedule battery service as soon as you can. It's always better to be safe than sorry, so if you notice any changes in your vehicle, consider getting it checked out by a professional. Every driver needs a reliable battery to be able to drive safely and feel confident behind the wheel of their ride.

What Causes a Dead Battery?

Usually, when a vehicle's battery fails, it's determined that the battery was old and in need of a replacement. Most batteries only last a few years, so it's common to see battery troubles if it's more than three or four years old. However, there are other issues that can cause a battery to fail. For instance, your battery can fail as a result of:

  • Corrosion around the terminals
  • A defective serpentine belt
  • Lights being left on
  • A defective fuse
  • A problem with the alternator

The only way to know for sure what causes a battery to fail is through an inspection. Our service team at Mac Haik Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Jackson can get to the root of the issue with your battery and make a plan for repairs or replacements so you can get back on the road in no time.

If you'd like to schedule a battery check or replacement in Jackson, MS, you can call, come by, or schedule online with Mac Haik Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM Jackson.